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It was suggested by multiple people that I post my blog updates to twitter for easier following. I’ve never tweeted before, but I’m going to try it out. All you twitterers can subscribe to me here:

Also, I keep getting asked, “If you don’t eat meat, then what do you eat?” Well, I eat EVERYTHING ELSE! Our culture teaches us that meat must be the main dish at every meal, so it is hard for us to even conceive of an alternative. There are many other cultures around the world that eat heavily vegetarian diets and they seem to find plenty of options. To help give us Americans some ideas for meatless meals, I will begin to list what I ate (or plan to eat) that day at the bottom of each post. Just don’t judge me for not eating breakfast.
Breakfast: A few pieces of cantaloupe
Lunch: Leftover gnocchi (it’s like pasta, but made from potato) from Maggiano’smmm.
Dinner: Tacos made with either black beans or meatless crumbles (found in your frozen aisle), topped with all the fixin’s (lettuce, tomato, onion, cilantro, salsa verde, cheese). Lucky for me, I have some authentic hand-made tortillas from San Antonio (HEB Central Market) stockpiled in my freezer 🙂


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