Food of the Pharaohs

I just got back from Egypt where the local cuisine was delicious! My favorite was Koshare which is a bowl of rice, noodles, lentils, carmelized onions, crushed tomatoes, and hot sauce.

I also enjoyed Fuul, which is a crushed up bean (similar to refried beans) served in a pita-like bread. And Fateer, which is a pastry-like dough stuffed with cheese and veggies (and/or meat), kind-of like an Egyptian pizza. Fresh-squeezed juices including mango, strawberry, and even banana juice, are available at all the restaurants and at juice shops, like the one below. In addition to the traditional Egyptian dishes mentioned above, the local cuisine had a heavy Mediterranean influence (after all, Egypt is on the Mediterranean sea), including hummus, babaganoush, yogurt, falafel, and other Mediterranean classics.

And of course, I could find all the basics I was used to, from pizzas and pastas to burgers and fries.


One Response to “Food of the Pharaohs”

  1. this is my favorite post so far … because the pictures.

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